about my work on conjoined twins

On conjoined twins:

If you’re interested in conjoined twinning, you really ought to read One of Us: Conjoined Twins and the Future of Normal (widely praised) and you really ought to see Face to Face: The Schappell Twins, a documentary by the brilliant filmmaker (and now, happily, my friend) Ellen Weissbrod. I’ve been told again and again that these two materials work especially well for teaching about anatomical politics and medical normalization.

I’ve also written several editorials about conjoined twin separations. Of these, I would most recommend:

I would also recommend these pieces, based on interviews I did with particularly intelligent journalists:

If, like just about everybody, you’re curious about the sex lives of conjoined twins, read this, and be frustrated if you must.


On exhibitions of people with uncommon body types:

On this topic, I’d recommend:

You could also look at chapter four of One of Us, and see Face to Face: The Schappell Twins, a documentary that takes seriously what it means for conjoined twins to get out of medical books and go out to dinner.