Healthcare Professionals and Intersex Conditions

Joel Frader, MD, MA; Priscilla Alderson, PhD; Adrienne Asch, PhD; Cassandra Aspinall, MSW, ACSW; Dena Davis, JD, PhD; Alice Dreger, PhD; James Edwards, PhD; Ellen K. Feder, PhD; Arthur Frank, PhD; Lisa Abelow Hedley, JD; Eva Kittay, PhD; Jeffrey Marsh, MD; Paul Steven Miller, LLB; Wendy Mouradian, MD; Hilde Nelson, PhD; Erik Parens, PhD., “Health Care Professionals and Intersex Conditions,” in Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, a subsidiary journal of JAMA, v. 158, n. 5 [May 2004]: 426-428.

I was fortunate to be a core member of the Hasting Center’s Surgically Shaping Children project, a project led by Erik Parens. This consensus paper came out of that interdisciplinary group.

Limited access available via the journal.

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