for junior academics

This page provides links to some of what I’ve written and edited that might be especially useful for up-and-coming academics (including graduate students). You might also want to see my page directed at professors. That page directs you to things like teaching materials and academic office design advice. (No, I’m not kidding.)

If you’re a grad student looking for advice, for sure you should look at my page of collected grad school survival advice; it combines lots of useful advice from academic friends. That appears as part of my homepage blog, One Foot In, which is written mostly for fellow professors.

Junior academics might especially benefit from my thoughts on how to avoid and relieve academia-induced depression (see Do I Have to Get Tenure? and my Top Ten Tips for Doing Activism in Academia).

Those interested in trying to make academia mesh with children might take a look at The True Story of Dr. Mom and The Elusive Work-Life Balance.

Dealing with sexual harrassment? Take a look at Sexual Harrassment: Beyond Abstinence Education and the preceding Sex at the Office: The Other Problems.