for professors

On being an academic:

In many ways, my book Galileo's Middle Finger is meant primarily for American academics. Check it out.

My long-time homepage blog, One Foot In, is written mostly for fellow professors. It includes a bit of satire (see A Modest Proposal Regarding the Faculty and Slackademia), some thoughts on how to avoid and relieve academia-induced depression (see Do I Have to Get Tenure? and my Top Ten Tips for Doing Activism in Academia), and some amusing accounts of how I’ve been socially constructed, misrepresented, and turned into a magical truth ball. Whee! Academia can be fun!

If, like me, you’re an academic who is a parent, you might check out my writings on parenting.



For an essay on risky teaching, go here.

For an essay I wrote for teaching history to non-history majors, go here.

For an essay about the real problem with plagiarism, go here.


For heaven’s sake, fix up your office:

It’s the ivy, stupid. That’s why people want to work at Ivy Leagues. Oh, I suppose there are other reasons, but I’m so tired of academics suffering in ugly offices when they don’t have to! So here am I--known to my friends-in-the-know as the Design Dominatrix--to tell you, you can have a beautiful academic office. Yes you can, even if you work at a state university. And it’s okay to have one. Universities split from monasteries a long, long time ago, and it’s actually okay to take care of your body. It’s even okay to feel good.

Feeling physically happy and healthy doesn’t mean that you’re stupid, no matter  what you hear from that committed geek down the hall surviving on Maxwell House coffee and those wet little carrots.  So take the quiz I give friends who have engaged me as an office design consultant, and start making your thinking space more beautiful. (Honey, they’re not paying you enough to live out your days in that.)