Sex-Testing in Sports

I've given a lot of talks on this, and the most recent things I’ve written on this were published by the LA Times (Should Female Athletes Have to Prove They Are Women?) and The Atlantic (The Olympic Struggle over Sex).

If you’re a reporter or a student interested in this topic, you might want to see my media advisory with FAQs on this topic. You can also check out the essay I wrote on this topic for the Hastings Center Report (click: Dreger HCR Sport of Sex.pdf) or my series of four analyses in the New York Times (shown in date order):

  1. Where’s the Rulebook for Sex Verification?
  2. Science is Forcing Sports to Re-Examine Their Core Principles
  3. The Sex of Athletes: One Issue, Many Variables
  4. Redefining the Sexes in Unequal Terms

I’d also recommend:

Want more understanding of what I mean when I say sex categories are established by social decision, not by simple science? Read this.