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Coming In from the Cold

11 May 2016

"It was only when Galileo’s Middle Finger came out that the mix of the two lives was revealed, and so the gig was up. The nice lady at the drycleaners no longer wondered if the fancy clothes I was bringing in belonged to another woman who just happened to be my size."

Some thoughts in conjunction with Galileo's Middle Finger receiving the 2016 Adult Non-Fiction Book Award from the Society for Midland Authors.



7 May 2016

Why did the cover and subtitle of Galileo's Middle Finger change from hardback to paperback? And why did this make me think a lot about Hope Jahren's magnificent Lab Girl?


Bruce Henderson to the Lambda Literary Foundation on GMF

27 Mar 2016

Note from Alice Dreger: Prof. Bruce Henderson of Ithaca College shared with me the letter he sent on March 25, 2016, to Tony Valenzuela, Executive Director of the Lambda Literary Foundation, about the withdrawal of my book from finalist status for a Lambda Literary Award. I asked Prof. Henderson whether I could reproduce his letter here, and he gave me permission.(This version is slightly different from the one he sent because it has been edited by Prof. Henderson for clarity and to correct typographical errors.)