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Gender Mad

19 Dec 2015

The transgender activists who demanded and ultimately achieved the shut-down of Zucker’s CAMH clinic said that Zucker’s approach was full of stigma. That’s because he didn’t simply “gender affirm” every child that came by.


Trumping the Academy

7 Dec 2015

I often wonder, today, if I were still teaching undergraduates and teaching in the same way, would I be getting teaching awards, or have my ass hauled down to the Office for Diversity and Inclusion, told I’m not allowed to make students uncomfortable?


Rejecting the Tranquilizing Drug of Gradualism in Intersex Care

21 Nov 2015

I can’t continue to help develop “conversations” around “shared decision making” that allow decisions to be made that I believe violate the most basic rights of children born with intersex. Working from within was a major goal of our early intersex work—to get in the halls of medicine and change it from within. But the truth is that medicine has not really let in our most basic criticism, our most basic insight, and it looks as if it will not do so anytime soon.