Video and Audio (samples)

Viewed 1.2 million times, and counting…


My TED talk “Is Anatomy Destiny?” has been viewed more than 1.2 million times. See it here.

The Big Think sat me down and asked me everything and then made a bunch of great short videos out of that brain-dump! See them all here.

You can also watch my keynote for FIRE. The talk is about 35 minutes long, and then there’s a pretty interesting Q&A.

At Wellesley’s Freedom Project, I spoke on the topic of “When Scientific Pursuits and Social Justice Campaigns Clash, Who Wins and Who Loses?”

Here’s the 9th Annual Korenman Lecture I presented at University Maryland Baltimore: “Why Have Intersex Rights Been So Hard to Secure in America?”

Here’s my live appearance on Chicago Tonight about Galileo’s Middle Finger.

Are you a scientist wondering how to defend yourself in a controversy? Here’s my Constance Holden Award Address on that topic for the International Society of Intelligence Research. (The award is for outstanding science journalism.)

And yeah, I’ve been on Oprah, on various HBO documentaries, on Good Morning America, CNN, etc. I would link all of those appearances, but then you might see the time I was wearing my pajama bottoms because I’d just given birth.


If you’re into podcasts, you can listen to my own podcast (launched in 2022), or hear me as a guest on dozens of pods as indexed at Podchaser.

I’ve been on NPR shows a bunch. For example, WBEZ has had me on twice, once to talk about who owns science and once to talk about being intersex. I also talked with NPR’s To the Best of Our Knowledge about my book on conjoined twins, and appeared on the “10-Minute Writer’s Workshop” with New Hampshire Public Radio. On Medical Matters, an NPR show hosted by Dr. John Schumann, I read an essay on one episode about using data to guide my own healthcare decisions. (It starts at 47:30.) On another episode, I shared my concerns about doctors who write stories about their patients. (That starts at about 46:20.)

When FiveThirtyEight launched a Science podcast, they had me on as their inaugural guest to talk about Galileo’s Middle Finger.

Want to hear me talking sex ed and the history of the twitterstorm from my son’s classroom? Here you go:

I’ve had the pleasure of being on Dan Savage’s Savage Lovecast several times (one time about a woman who thought she had no clitoris; another time about a guy who thought his penis was too small, another time related to my book, The Talk), but the conversation people seem to enjoy the most of those is the one Dan and I had about the intercourse-during-menses taboo. It starts at about the 26-minute mark here.