Those who know me know I love to cook and to eat. Few things make me happier than starting a big pot of soup, or lying in the tub reading a cookbook. There’s a reason I spent 3 years designing our kitchen! (See right.)

So here are some recipes that friends have asked me to post. There’s no rhyme or reason to this list--it’s just stuff I’ve made for friends who later asked for me the recipes. (I make a lot of stuff from cookbooks, too, but these are the recipes for which I can’t just point you to a cookbook.)

One note: I’m allergic to milk proteins, so all the following recipes are dairy-free. In the rare recipe where I use margarine, you can substitute butter. Same deal with soy milk and cow milk. Generally I avoid doing non-dairy substitutions by simply avoiding dishes that call for dairy, because non-dairy substitutes don’t taste as good as dairy. And I like food that tastes great.

In early 2011, I realized I had also become gluten intolerant, so recipes posted after that date are either gluten-free or make notes about how to make them gluten-free.

platskis (Polish crêpes)

pink chicken salad

Sousa salad dressing

Norton’s roasted beets with lemon and dill

macaroons with three sauces (plus fondu option)

my mother’s chicken soup

kluski as my mother taught me

fried kluski with onions and bacon

committee brownies

Roger’s Meyer lemon souffle (dairy-free)

pork tenderloin

chicken á la Alice

three bean salad (vegan)

Guinness (lamb) stew

red beans & rice

potato pancakes


Roast lamb (on the grill)

Number 77

Tomatillo salsa

Kohlrabi with Garlic Scapes

Chinese eggplant

stir-fried dark cabbage with blackberries, garlic, and cashews

ideas for using savory jams

lasagna: dairy-free, gluten-free, complete protein, and YUM!